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Celestial Doorways, by BAHRAMJI and SWANN

Release July 10, 2012.

The project BAHRAMJI & SWANN is the bringing together of two talents of today’s ethnic ambient and chillout circle developed in Europe : - BAHRAMJI, singer of Iranian Kurdish origin, with a superb, mystical oriental voice, also player of the santoor (Iranian instrument with metal strings struck with hammers), the setâr (Iranian instrument with three strings) and the Ney flute (Persian) - SWANN, member of the ambient group ELEA, French producer, dj and compiler of the Kumharas Ibiza and Villa Mercedes Ibiza series, also expert in ethnic percussions from the world over (balafon, udu, derbouka, djembe, bongos, congas), Indian and Balinese flute player, and guitar player. After spending months in studio, the group presents us with two superb new albums: - BAHRAMJI & SWANN “Celestial Doorways”, ethnic chillout (Blue Flame Records) - INNER-JI “Dancing Blossoms”, psy-ambient and progressive psy-trance (Space Tepee Music). Both albums were recorded in the south of France, in Aniane , in a magnificent stone dwelling from Middle Ages, and in Ibiza in the studios of Space Tepee. BAHRAMJI & SWANN called in several additional musicians for arrangements and recordings : Ely Goa, singer and keyboard player of the group ELEA; Amu Ahava, bansuri flute and sitar player; Ananda Krishna, hang and didgeridoo player. With their guests, BAHRAMJI & SWANN give live performances in Ibiza and all over the world, in a strongly ethnic form (vocals, santoor, flute, percussions from the world over), intensified by the live electronic programming of SWANN. A magnificent live act, mystical, powerful and original.

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