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Strange World, by ELEA

Release July 01, 2007.

Recorded in Ibiza, facing the sea, this new album, calm and serene, develops a vast sound, opening onto symphonic horizons. Leaving ample room for acoustic instruments such as guitars, piano, flutes, percussions, the duo worked with a string quartet on arrangements that give cinematic scope to several of the album’s titles. In keeping with the tradition of the psychedelic music of the seventies, the major influence, the onethey grew up under, combined with the maturity they have acquired, the titles are mixed together in the manner of a concept album illustrating the universe of ELEA, where ethereal sounds wind in and out of vocal harmonies, revisited by modern technologies à la Massive Attack or Air. From the atmosphere inspired by Pink Floyd or Tangerine Dream, to a creative “chill out” with ethnic shades, “Strange World” reveals a dreamlike vision of landscapes, an “ambient” universe where organic sounds cross with areas of weightlessness.

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