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Co-founder of the band ELEA, inspired by the psychedelic ambient of Ibiza, SWANN has developed a deep spacy sound, mix of ambient, chill out, ethnic, world fusion, and progressive to psyquedelic trance, as a dj, compiler, and producer.

He became a certified sound therapist after training at the world renowned Peter Hess Academy in Belgium and the College of Sound Healing in the UK.

SWANN - DJ : SWANN plays 3 kinds of sets : - one progressive - one chillout-ambient downtempo - one psytrance upbeat in lots of international festivals, parties and venues such as : Freedom Festival Portugal - Boom Festival Portugal - Florianopolis Brazil - Magic Garden / RDV Electroniques / Paris France - Festival MTV Aquasonic / Ibiza - Au Bar / New York USA - Lot 61 / New York USA, Kumharas Ibiza, Imagine Ibiza...

Listen :

Swann Ethno Vibes :

Swann Progressive Mix :

Swann Chill Ambient Ethno Mix :


SWANN - compiler :

Compiler of the great KUMHARAS IBIZA series, he also compiled the new VILLA MERCEDES IBIZA LOUNGE, superbly mixing together great artists such as Morcheeba, Nitin Sawhney, Afterlife, Natasha Atlas, Elea, Isaak Hypnotizer, Cell, Aes Dana... to only name these ones.


SWANN - producer : Apart of his work of composing and producing in the band ELEA with Ely Goa (they are now working on their fifth album), SWANN is also producer for artists such as BAHRAMJI which who they just released two new albums, but also SANGIT SIRUS which who they recorded a new album. SWANN is also working closely on the producing of the albums of ISAAK HYPNOTIZER.


SWANN - percussionist : SWANN also plays as a percussionist in parties in the Ibiza discotheques (such as Roger Sanchez's Release Yourself Party at Pacha - Carl Cox birthday at Space - with Barbara Tucker at Divino...). His set of percussions is composed by djembé, derbuka, bongos, congas, udu, cymbals, and all kinds of shakers and bells, as well as a high quality set of microphones and mixer, and the amazing new Korg Wavedrum Oriental (new generation electronic drum synthesizer).


SWANN - Sound healer : SEE GONG BATH PROGRAM AND HEALING TOUR here Swann became a certified sound therapist after training at the world renowned Peter Hess Academy in Belgium and the College of Sound Healing in the UK. He works with several symphonic gongs as well as a large choice of Himalayan bowls (from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India) and many other sacred/shamanic instruments. Swann offers two types of therapy : - Group therapy meditation known as "Gong Bath" or "Sound Bath". The Gong Bath, a very ancient technique from Asia, is a complete sound bath that produces an amazing sense of wellbeing through the vibration of all the water within the body (our bodies are 80% water). - Individual therapy, known as "Sound Massage", working with Himalayan bowls on more specific pathologies, putting into vibration the energetic paths inside the body. Each type of bowl is used in association with the chakras so as to liberate these paths on three levels : the body, the mind and the aura. The sound massage evacuates distress and brings inner balance. Gong Baths and Sound Massages bring an intense sense of wellbeing, restabilize the balance of energies, and regenerate the body's natural defenses.

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