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Trained as a professional dancer and choreographer, he also has a degree in teaching from one of the most prestigious French schools: EPSE DANSE.

But above all, Juan reveals a highly diversified career.

The work involving rhythm and music, inherent in training as a dancer, leads him to the equally demanding work of theatre director and actor.

While continuing his work as a dancer and fencer, he becomes a student of theatre at the Cours Florent in Paris , where he meets actor, director, and teacher Frédéric Provost , still master in the field!

Prompted by a desire to create; drawn to the world of the image, and encouraged by his new mentor, Juan starts making short films and video clips, after a first test with an art cinema film on dance, called: “L'issue”.

This is followed by “Duel” a medieval fantasy, combining his knowledge of the work of stuntman, actor, director, and camera operator.

Tenacious and determined, Juan goes on to become Frédéric Provost's assistant ( independent productions, institutional films, education), and after several years of diligent collaboration, Frédéric opens the way to Juan's first works.

With a passion for the fusion of music, image, and movement from the beginning, Juan's professional path leads to a natural desire to work in Live video production.

It is at this point that his long-standing friends Ely and Swann, of the French duo ELEA , give him his first opportunities, during a residency at the KUMHARAS in IBIZA . He is then booked for festivals (FREEDOM FESTIVAL-PORTUGAL; TWISTED INSIGHT-IBIZA). Working in close collaboration with ELEA , he now plays with the group, VJing in Live performances.

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