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Marta Chandra has spent the last 6 years traveling in search of inspiration in root dances like Odissi Indian Classical Dance, Rajasthani folk, Persian and Afghani dances, Turkish Gypsy ...

From all these dances, mixed with her spontaneity and creativity, her unique and personal fusion arises naturally.

This fusion, with a great Indian influence is based on its classical dance, getting camouflage Indian aesthetics in every style, using the subtlety and expression that gives this ancient dance.

Since 2006 she performs and organices performances in Ibiza island, dancing as a soloist and with many other dancers and musicians like Elea and the Afgani Music Project with Efrén López.

Sharing her dance experiences and experiments Marta Chandra has taught intensive workshops and classes in dance festivals in Spain and Italy, and has performed in some music festivals like Viñarock'09, Ibiza Roots Festival and Ciclo de Música Tres Culturas de Córdoba with Afgani Music Project with Efrén López.

Since 2014 Marta Chandra has been working in some dance and music projects, like the Ethno Vibes Dance and Music Sessions with Dj Swann.

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