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With more than 650 live-acts around the world with 3 live formulas (Chillout and Ambient, Meditative and Healing - ELEA IN Zen, Prog and Psytrance), 5 albums, 4 maxi vinyls, 10 EP’s, more than 30 compilations, ELEA is a French duo live act, composed by Ely Goa (vocalist and keyboard player) and Swann (percussion, flute, Tibetan bowls and gong player).

They play world fusion mixed with electronic music. They present 3 types of live sets : Progressive and Psytrance, Chillout and Ambient, Meditation and Healing - ELEA In Zen.

They released 5 albums, 4 vinyls, 10 EPs and more than 30 compilations, all worldwide released.

With their mystical charism on stage, they enchanted festivals all around the world such as :

Boom Festival / PORTUGAL …..PsyMind Festival – MONTREAL / CANADA …..Sticky Jam Festival - MOSCOW / RUSSIA ..... Green Forest Festival – FLORIANOPOLIS / BRAZIL …..Festival de Osho - TARRAGONA / SPAIN …Freedom Festival / PORTUGAL …Festival MTV Aquasonic – IBIZA / SPAIN …..Au Bar – NEW YORK / USA …..Techno Parade’s Magic Garden – PARIS / FRANCE …..Funkadelika – TORINO / ITALY …..Carmacoma – AMSTERDAM / NETHERLANDS… Borealis – MONTPELLIER / FRANCE …..Onbody Festival - IBIZA / SPAIN...

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