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SANGIT SIRUS has presented his new album “Sirus and Friends”, released in September 2013... From Sufi whirling meditation to the mysticism of India, the album “Sirus and Friends” by SANGIT SIRUS is a beautiful journey through the immensity of the Persian landscapes that Sirus has never forgotten since he left his homeland to share his time between Goa and Germany. A “best of” and a tribute to all the musicians he has collaborated with during his career (such as Bahramji and Bashir Pourmand, Christa and Mohammad Eghbal, among many others), this new album was born from the collaboration with Swann and Ely Goa, whom he met in 2011. Sirus calls upon the two members of the band ELEA to revisit his original tracks. They re-arrange them, record additional takes in their studio in Ibiza, voice by Ely Goa and percussion by Swann, and release these emotional tracks under the label Space Tepee Music.

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